Cora and me: adventures of a lone cyclist on the Way of Cora Coralina

The Way of Cora Coralina is a long-distance trail that crosses the inland State of Goiás, in the Brazilian Highlands, going through historical cities, farms and environmental conservation units.

The route connects Corumbá de Goiás to the City of Goiás, popularly known as Goiás Velho (Old Goiás).

In October 2018, the author decided to travel the Way of Cora on his own, by bicycle, and reports in this book the adventure he lived in.

Cora and me tells the history of Cora Coralina, the path, the cities and the villages visited, contains important information about the route and works as a guide for cyclists and hikers.

Trip planning


All (zip file):

Day 0 – Day 1 – Day 2 – Day 3Day 4 – Day 5


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